My Work


Digital Campaign Landing Page

I designed this landing page for Launch a Leader, a yearly fundraising campaign for Moody Bible Institute. This page received over 1,000 visits with a 30.61% giving conversion rate. 

Digital campaign graphics

This campaign, which implemented my own hand lettering and designs, was created to promote Vacation Bible School across the United States. These graphics were displayed on 13 radio station websites and were used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and promotional emails.

Digital campaign graphics

The Cover to Cover campaign was a

nation-wide contest by Moody Radio. I used my original

photography and campaign logo design to create graphics that would be displayed across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, promotional emails, and 13 of Moody Radio’s

owned-and-operated station websites.


This vector-based infographic was created for, an online telemedicine company. The infographic was designed for various platforms including promotional emails and a content marketing blog.

Alex Rathbun Graphic Design