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A peek into my living room

A peek into my living room

Welcome to my apartment!

I love seeing other people's homes because I think one's home says a lot about a person. For that reason, I wanted to visually share my home with you, starting with my favorite room room, the living room: a place for both morning coffee and evening drinks, for conversation and alone time, and in my case, the space that connects every other room in my apartment.

My husband and I moved to this apartment back in August and immediately fell in love. It's been so fun to decorate and continue to adjust to fit our needs.

My style

What is my home style? Though it continues to evolve, I'd call it slightly modern with Scandinavian and handmade elements, eclectic, cozy, bright, practical and not afraid of patterns.

living room

Here's a view of the joint living and dining room. Though the dining space is a little tight, I've grown to love eating in this nook.

dining nook

working in dining nook

The dining nook also doubles as a work space. When I work from home, I'm that person that changes location about every hour. I usually feel refreshed and inspired when I change locations, especially if it's next to an open window.

living room view

Here's a view from the other side of the room.

Favorite elements

My favorite part of our apartment is that I continually get to adjust and update it to feel like my style - sometimes things are changed or shifted, sometimes I really love certain elements and they stay the same for a while. Here are some of my personal favorite parts of the living room!

spotted wall

This spotted wall may be the most fun part of the whole apartment. Our space is full of small, cut out surfaces that make for an interesting design challenge. When I knew we were moving to this apartment, I spotted this temporary wallpaper from Target and had to fit it somewhere. The idea of having a pattern on the wall that I could easily remove is super exciting to me!

patterned clock

On top of the wall I've layered a second pattern in the form of this Tiffany Wong Art Society 6 clock.

pink chair

Remember my post about discovering your style? This pink chair was one of my first steps towards embracing my own style. Though I tried to resist the pink-lover inside of me, it had to come out.

I love the element of surprise that this chair brings to the room. I also like that it makes me feel cool and hip, owning a mid century modern piece (just kidding. kind of).

In addition to purchased elements in the apartment, this room is filled with gifts and free/found items. This small tapestry was a gift from Denmark!

Repurposed, free and gifted

Another favorite aspect to my home is that my husband and I love to find free treasures. Between gifts and lucky finds, it's extremely satisfying to furnish our home with what we've got. Not everything matches perfectly, but I've embraced it and decided on an eclectic style. Everything in the following photo was free!

free items

And that's a wrap on the living room! Stay posted to tour other rooms in the future.

P.S. All of these photos are taken by the amazing Hadassah Elizabeth Photo. Find more of her gorgeous photos here!

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