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Alpha Poster Design
Alpha Event Poster

This piece was created to promote Missio Dei Lincoln Square’s event, Alpha. It combines the church’s

branding with the branding of Alpha USA.

World Race Letterhead
World Race Letterhead

This letterhead was created for fundraising letters. The Letterhead combines branding from World Race with the client’s personal style.

Fudraiser Save th Date Flyer
Fundraiser Ticket Design
Lobster & BBQ Fundraiser

These pieces were created as a set for Straight Ahead Ministries. The illustrative vector poster was used for promoting a fundraising event, while the tickets were used at the actual event.

Summer at Missio Dei Poster
Summer at Missio Dei

This large-scale poster was created as a seasonal display for Missio Dei Lincoln Square, providing a list of all the summer activities available through the church.­­

Alex Rathbun Graphic Design