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The Experience

Show me your idea and I’ll show it to the world.


Before we bring out the camera, I’d love to meet you face to face (or virtual face to virtual face) so I can learn everything there is to love about your brand.


From there, we’ll get to planning your magic making photoshoot. My goal is to paint your website and instagram feed with the goodness you know your brand beholds.

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About Alex

I am a lifestyle and fashion photographer based in Chicago. I went to school for Advertising and after a few years as a graphic designer, I eventually found my way into the right field. I love photography, I love people, I love brands and I love that this work bridges the gap between these things.


As part of my pursuit to bring you compelling images for your brand, my passion is to do business in a new way. You are a person with needs and desires, as is your audience. My goal is to not only allow but encourage personhood to be a part of both my business and yours when you work with me. I believe consumers connect with the people within brands, too.


When I’m not behind the lens or the laptop screen, you can find me on my sailboat on Lake Michigan, trying a new recipe and hoping my kids like it, thrifting, or grabbing a drink with friends.


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