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5 tips to make it through (the rest of) winter

This is the time of year everyone in the midwest starts to regret living here. Short days, cold winds, slush, salt, and twenty layers of clothes become less and less tolerable, so a lot of us jet off to somewhere warm for a week to escape it.

BUT. If you can't make it to the Caribbean this year, I think there are still some good things left to savor about winter! It's a time to embrace your hearty spirit and also a time to treat yourself.

Here are some ideas to shake up your routine and help you through the last of the cold weather.

1. Find a new candle or essential oil

When I'm feeling the heaviness of the gloomy weather, I turn to citrus scents to brighten me up and motivate me. Regardless of what scent you chose, changing it up will help you refocus and feel energized.

2. Don't let your home get too dirty

There's no reason tidying up has to wait for spring! You know how good you feel after you pick up that pile of clothes or wash the sink out or fold a load of laundry

find one thing to clean and refresh.

3. Afternoon coffee

This tip is taken from my friend Jenna over at Hazel & Heart. When it's 20 degrees out, you could pretty much always use a warm drink. Brew an extra cup for yourself in the afternoon to warm up, savor the taste, and wake up a little bit.

4. Find a new hobby

I feel like everyone says this is a good idea when you get in a funk, but it's true! If you've never done one of the following things, you should give one a try!

- drawing

- coloring in a coloring book

- yoga

- reading

- baking

- playing a new instrument

- collaging

- journaling or writing

Getting your mind busy will help you feel less sluggish and more empowered to take on March.

5. Embrace the coziness!

Soon, you'll be wearing shorts and a 5 minute walk outside will leave you too sweaty to curl up under a blanket. So while it's still cold out, wear all of the blankets you own - notice how soft and cozy they are. Light a candle. Snuggle your loved ones. Drink something warm. Embrace the goodness of the cold!

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