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Follow these 5 colorful instagram accounts

I've mentioned before my disdain for the all-neutral, colorless trend that took over instagram for the past few years. Well. I am doing my best to bring color back onto the platform.

Of course, I love to follow people that inspire me, so today I wanted to share 5 of my favorite accounts with great content and colorful aesthetic. Maybe following them will help you understand me a bit more?


@designlovefest instagram feed

@taza instagram feed

@darngoood instagram feed

4. @thefullcolorlife - Hannah Lynn shares her street style and life thoughts with passion, adding color and sparkle to the everyday life of a Chicagoan.

@thefullcolorlife instagram feed

5. @adamjk - Adam J. Kurtz, an artist, author, designer and speaker, shares his honest and cynical, yet comical perspective on life as an independent creative. Follow him for a good, introspective chuckle.

@adamjk instagram feed

I hope you enjoy following some of my favorite accounts! Comment below on your favorite colorful instagrammers.

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