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Follow these 5 colorful instagram accounts

I've mentioned before my disdain for the all-neutral, colorless trend that took over instagram for the past few years. Well. I am doing my best to bring color back onto the platform.

Of course, I love to follow people that inspire me, so today I wanted to share 5 of my favorite accounts with great content and colorful aesthetic. Maybe following them will help you understand me a bit more?


1. @designlovefest - Bri Emery shares her west-coast-vibe adventures as a creative director, product designer, blogger and traveler. I love getting style and project inspiration from her, as well as encouragement to share honestly about mental health.

@designlovefest instagram feed

2. @taza - Naomi Davis, mom of 5 living in NYC, lets us in on her daily life as she colorfully celebrates family, good style, and city living. Taza inspires me to find joy in the daily grind and busyness of life.

@taza instagram feed

3. @darngooood - Meg Lewis is a hilarious, passionate graphic designer. Follow her for a good laugh when she posts "makeup tutorials" and dance party videos. I also love that she is totally original. She knows her style and uses it fearlessly.

@darngoood instagram feed

4. @thefullcolorlife - Hannah Lynn shares her street style and life thoughts with passion, adding color and sparkle to the everyday life of a Chicagoan.

@thefullcolorlife instagram feed

5. @adamjk - Adam J. Kurtz, an artist, author, designer and speaker, shares his honest and cynical, yet comical perspective on life as an independent creative. Follow him for a good, introspective chuckle.

@adamjk instagram feed

I hope you enjoy following some of my favorite accounts! Comment below on your favorite colorful instagrammers.

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