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Creative Inspiration from "As Husband and Wife"

Remember back when we all received creative inspiration from my interview with Hadassah Carlson about her life and creativity? Well this week I had the honor of interviewing a duo that I've gotten to work with before: Andrea and Geno Miller from As Husband and Wife. They graciously shared with me a window into their creative outlet of music. Not only is their music full of talent and honestly, Andrea and Geno were some of my favorite clients I've worked with. I am very inspired by what they had to say about creativity and I hope you are as well!

Read to the end to find out where to find their brand new EP, Remember, just out this week! These photos are from the behind the scenes of recording the EP.

What does creativity mean to you?

G: Creativity is everything to me. Its a bridge a that connects my thoughts and my emotions and transforms to something that is tangible.

A: I see creativity as a tool, an outlet and opportunity to connect us to the creator of creativity and to others.

What role does your creativity play in your life? Career, relationships, etc. ?

G: It is my life. It expands from learning music to leading worship on a Sunday morning to figuring out what to post on Instagram. Being creative doesn’t stop for me, it's constant.

A: It’s pretty important! Somedays I get nervous that I’ll run out of creativity! I know there are seasons for when it peaks and then seasons when there are valleys but I always see it as a part of my life, whether it’s decorating my home, editing a video, picking out an outfit (love fashion!) or finishing a song that just needed to get out!

What is an early memory of exercising creativity for you?

G: I could talk about this for hours, but I’ll keep it short. From a very young age I was always listening to music and playing along with it. I used to sit in my parents' basement and practice anything I could get my hands on to listen to. I would think to myself “how can I change the chord progression to make this even more fun.” This was the beginning of a lifestyle for me, I continue that practice today.

A: Oh gosh- they say I came out singing but that doesn’t sound true haha. I was probably in elementary school when I would put on shows for my family, my imagination was wild, I swear I could have created anything in my mind. By third grade I joined a theater group that I would be a part of for more than 13 years - they truly taught me what being creative was all about.

What's your favorite creative activity?

G: Sitting at a piano and transposing and composing my own melodies will always be my favorite. It can also be annoying because I can’t tell where my ears wants it to go. When I finally figure it out it I get the “ah hah” moment.

A: Well it’s changed since being a mom- I've had to alter my time a bit, I used to write lyrics and melodies constantly anywhere and everywhere- but now I just focus my energy in moments, mostly when my son is asleep, to write or journal, those seem to be the go to right now.

What project are you most proud of?

G: I’m proud of the project we just finished - Remember EP. There were a lot of obstacles that we, Andrea and I, had to overcome. During this process we cried and we were angry with each other and to cross the finish line and be able to release this EP was a feeling of triumph.

A: Yeah I would say this EP, each project we start seems to be drawing us to the next. Like Geno said - it was way more challenging than I thought because it wasn’t about being creative all the time, it was about making the right decisions. WE learned an insane amount of what to do and what not to do, cause you have to start somewhere!

What is a dream of yours?

G: I love to be on the road. To be able to incorporate that with music would be a dream come true. Touring is something I wanted to do from a very young age.

A: I have a lot of them! Gosh- to be able to make a full time living off of music, I would love to do Voiceovers someday (that sounds awesome!) And to teach my children to use their giftings no matter what.

What is something easily misunderstood about you?

G: The fact that I joke around A LOT and I think people think I don’t take music or my craft seriously.

A: I think people sometimes see me as just a vocalist, just someone to copy other people’s songs, but deep down I love writing and would even love to write for others, from spoken word to musical theater, I'd write it all!

I highly recommend you check out the brand new Remember EP. To purchase it with a bonus track, click here. Or you can find it on Spotify or Apple Music.

Were you inspired by Andrea and Geno? What stood out to you most? Comment below!

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