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What anxiety looks like today

To be honest, I don't know what to write about today for Brightly Alex Mental Health Mondays. I considered not writing a post today, but then I decided that I want to be honest and transparent with you and not just share when life is fun. So, if you're looking for a how to or tips and tricks or an ultimate guide, this is not your post. Go look at the rest of my blog. But if you're struggling at all today and need to know you're not alone, read on!

Last week I encouraged you to celebrate the ups in life. Today I'm feeling the downs but would really prefer to instead be in celebration mode. So I guess I'm just going to call this "what anxiety looks like today".

I'm feeling really anxious! It's frustrating and it feels like regression. My symptoms? Tight stomach, tension in my head, a feeling that I can't relax and lack of focus. Some stressors? I started to get worked into an anxious panic twice this weekend, which has now put me on edge. I said goodbye to some of our best friends this morning as they are moving across the country. I've spent the morning wondering what the heck to write about for a post that's literally coming out today. And I'm stressed about a few other regular life things like money and a broken car.

So, though I'm not out of this bout, I'm going to share what I've done so far today to help myself through this:

- Snuggle extra long with Eric this morning and tell him how I'm feeling - honesty about my feelings is so important

- Reach out to other friends that I know can support me

- Schedule an appointment with my therapist this week

- Journal and write this post. Writing out how I feel always helps me.

- Take my anxiety medicine

- Schedule some social time this evening to keep myself from being alone all day

- Not drink any more caffeine today and hope for the best

Best of luck to you on this Monday. Life is hard for so many people for so many reasons. But I know this too will pass and I'll feel more like myself soon enough.

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