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4 calming phone backgrounds

A few weeks ago, I wrote that my word for this year is calm.

I have decided that being calm is less of a "remain" or "stay" type of deal, but more of a "decide to become" kind of thing. It's not really a passive state once something unsettling happens, but rather, you have to pause, then consciously decide to be calm (rather than react in a natural inclination of panic or fear or frustration).

I wanted some reminders of this, so what better reminder than a phone background? And if I need/want this, I'm assuming there's someone else out there who feels the same.

So enjoy! Click on the photo to get to the downloadable image.

"press pause" because sometimes all it takes is a short pause to gather yourself then move forward.

"let's chose calm" because being calm is a choice.

to "breathe" is one of the most important things you can teach yourself.

I heard this quote on Ian Cron's podcast, on an episode about overcoming the fears that plague your brain. He said that author and psychotherapist Sylvia Boorstein recites this to herself when she feels panic coming on, and I couldn't love it more: "Sweetheart, you are in pain. Relax. Take a breath. Let's pay attention to what's happening, then we'll figure out what to do."

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