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A day in the life

I've been really curious what other peoples' lives and routines look like during quarantine, so I thought I'd take a day to document our life to share! Plus I figured it would give me a chance to shoot and edit in different lighting scenarios, which can be a fun challenge. (Note - some of these are phone shots as I didn't have my camera with me at every moment).

So, here's what a typical quarantine Tuesday looks like in the Rathbun household (warning - it's pretty glamorous and exciting!!):

Wake up time! Eric is long gone at work before Link and I get up.

Gotta get that babe some milk first thing - these chunky legs don't just happen!

Link is usually pretty content to hang out in his little couch corner while I make some coffee and grab a Larabar or cold oatmeal/scroll through my phone/etc.

I love this Yeti mug for those mornings you know you probably can't drink it all in one sitting because you're chasing after a baby's ever-changing needs.

Link LOVES his changing station. I'm not sure how we lucked out with this fact!

Louie dog is never far behind me.

Throw that babe on the bed while Mama gets ready.

My super glam morning routing: Brush my teeth, put on some deo, and take my vitamins + anxiety meds. I also brush my hair. I told you, glamorous.

I'm one of those weirdos that likes to put on jeans even if I'll be home all day. Real clothes make me feel good.

Down for nap #1.

Every week I make a to-do list, mainly to unload the tasks swimming around in my brain. On good days, I also make a daily list.

Leftover quiche and some blog work + a podcast for this Mama. I'm not sure which meal this is - brunch?

Wake up time for Link!

We both ate some yogurt after he got up. My face wasn't as messy or as cute.

Afternoon (decaf) coffee plus SCORE! A freshly-baked cookie from the night before.

A lil play time for Link.

Video call with Grandma!

Down for nap #2.

I randomly decided to shift some things around in the kitchen to give myself a little more counter space. Here's BEFORE. Click the arrow on the right for the AFTER photo. Again, glamorous.

Yay! Eric's home and very happy to pose for the camera.

The most exciting part of my day. Even city dogs gotta pee.

Sewing a face mask because I am domesticated.

This happens more times per day than pictured. Growing boy has gotta eat!

Target run.

Somewhere in this time Link took his nap #3.

Making some guac to go with our tacos and margs.

My simple recipe:

  • avocado

  • red onions

  • Tajin seasoning

  • added salt to taste

Baby boy loves him some guac and if I was a fun mom I'd let him lick the outside of this glass.

Pre-bedtime snuggles. The best.

Night night little bud!

Louie lives a lively and exciting live.

Candles are usually lit in the evenings.

And some Kim's Convenience to finish off our very average day.

If you've made it this far, congrats! You get an official Brightly Alex brownie point.

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Hannah Lynn Miller
Hannah Lynn Miller
May 22, 2020

This was fun! You’re right. I totally am curious what everyone else is doing during quarantine.


Elizabeth Mikulsky
Elizabeth Mikulsky
May 22, 2020

Loved this look into your day!

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