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Nursery reveal

Admittedly, when I peed on that little stick and saw the two pink lines, one of the first things I was excited for was getting to decorate a nursery. I love home decor! So after months of getting rid of as much as possible to clear our our office and make room for a baby, it was time to start the decor process.

Though I love Pinterest-stalking clean, minimal, neutral spaces, as I've said before, I've come to accept that is not who I am. I ooze color and pattern and just can't help from adding it everywhere, so this baby's nursery is no different.

Since we already had a lot of bright colors in this room, I decided on a color palette based 50% on what I liked and 50% on what we already had (thankfully those two have a lot of crossover). I knew I loved the idea of a gender-neutral green and decorating with greenery, then I added the yellow and orange because they add some bright happiness and tie in the items we already had (looking at you, bright yellow sofa bed/dog throne).

This room is a mix of handmade, brand new, free finds, and gifts, and what else would you expect from two broke 20 somethings? Side note: my husband deserves an applause for letting me dive full force into this and helping my unstable, pregnant self by hanging basically everything and moving all heavy items.

So without further explanation, here's our baby's nursery!

I knew I wanted some kind of textured wall. I looked into a lot of options, including temporary wallpaper, hanging printed fabric, hanging and painting wood panels and creating giant photo prints. But what I landed on as my favorite and the cheapest solution was to hang up a giant canvas, also known as a painting drop cloth from Home Depot, then got to painting!

Shout out to my talented cousin, Shana, for creating this baby gym for us! It's so special having handmade pieces that have been created with love.

Here are a few of our small space storage solutions. These black and white IKEA drawer organizers are hidden in a few other spots in the room, we're using the window sill as a book shelf, and the fun ottoman doubles as a linen storage box.

Now that his room is ready, all we have left to do is wait for baby's grand entrance! And let me tell you, we simply cannot wait to be parents and meet our little boy and are over the moon excited!

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