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6 simple steps to a cozier home

If you know me and have been to my home, you know that coziness is important to me. The more I learn about the Danish concept of hygge, the more I love it. Hygge is about coziness, warmth, a feeling of contentment and safety, creating a welcoming atmosphere, eating and drinking good things with people you love, and more (you should probably look it up or ask your local Dane if you haven’t heard of it).

There are few better pleasures in life than coming home to a space that is all of things - cozy, welcoming, calming. I think everyone deserves to have a place like this, so here are some tips of mine on how to up the coziness factor in your home.

1. Good lighting. Lamps are good. Warm tones are great. I like to use Edison bulb string lights, which can also help to define the visual structure of a space. What you’re really aiming for here is a nice, warm glow - lights that softly surrounds you rather than ones that beam down harshly from above. Tip from my husband: when purchasing new bulbs, look for LED bulbs with a color rating of 2700k for a warm tone that is still plenty bright.

2. Soft textures. A squishy rug under your bare toes is far cozier than stepping onto a cold, hard surface. Throw pillows on chairs and couches also add a soft dimension to your space (bonus if they’re actually comfortable enough to snuggle up with). Blankets are another great way to add soft texture, especially when the weather gets cold.

3. Natural elements. Plants add life to your home. If you’ve not been gifted with a green thumb, fresh flowers will do the trick. Natural textures like wood will help with this aspect of coziness as well.

4. Homemade or sentimental decor. Displaying meaningful pieces of art or gifts will make you happy when you look around and think of those that are important in your life. To make a gifted item fit your style, try framing it.

5. Good smells. If I walk into a room that smells bad, I cannot relax. Do your best to get rid of unpleasant odors and add in some good smells. Essential oils diffusing, cookies in the oven, fresh eucalyptus, anything that makes you smile will work!

6. Room for guests. For me, inviting others into my home is the best way to share the coziness and fill my place with more love. It is important that your seating is arranged in a way that’s conducive for conversation. I also like to have snacks and drinks on hand, because who doesn’t love some snacks and drinks?!

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