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Get this one easy plant

I would really like to be a natural at plant whispering. But, plain and simple, my plants are not the highest priority in my life. (Sorry, little guys!) I don't really care to put in a lot of time or money towards researching and caring for my little green babies. The weeks get busy, I realize I haven't watered anything in a while, I should have bought fertilizer 2 months ago for that one plant, that other "full-sun" plant probably is getting "low-sun" currently, etc.

But I still really enjoy having greenery around! I think it's good for the soul, ups the cozy and relaxation factors in my home, and when I'm in the right mood I do enjoy some indoor gardening (from my apartment - an outdoor garden isn't an option for me).

So I'm here to share my easiest plant that I own with you! It's medium-sized, pretty cute, resilient and simple to care for. I have to admit, it's ironic that I'm writing about it right now because it did recently almost die*... but I think the resilience it's shown in coming back to life proves my point that it's a great plant!

So what is this plant? It's a Ficus Green Island Bonsai Tree.

It actually came from our wedding ceremony. Instead of having a unity candle or sand pouring, our moms each contributed soil from their yards, then Eric and I watered it. This photo is one of my favorites from our wedding:

photo by Missie McGovern

Because this tree represents the unity and goodness of our marriage, it's pretty vital that it stays healthy. Just kidding. It's just a metaphor. But here's how I care for it:

1. Give it moderate sunlight.

2. Water it 1-2 times/week.

3. Change out the soil once/year.*

4. Prune it if you want the shape to be different, otherwise you can leave it be.

That's it.

*If you don't change out the soil or if you over-water it, the tree could get root rot, which is what happened to our little guy. Have no fear. You can swap in new soil, clean the pot, and it will be back on track towards a long, fulfilling, joyful life shortly.

Look at that pretty new growth!

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