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Follow these 5 women for inspiring real talk

Follow these 5 women for inspiring real talk

I've talked before about instagram accounts that inspire me visually, but this week I'm showing you some people that have inspired the type of content and writing I have on my blog and social media.

Tiffany Wong (see below) told me once that social media is a neutral platform and based on what we post about, we can contribute either to it being a positive or negative force. These 5 women have inspired me to write and make art around what matters most to me. From mental health to race to body image, these women are making instagram and more honest and constructive platform.

Tiffany Wong is "exploring race, shame, and identity through art." She has inspired me to use my art and my voice as a medium to talk about what I care about. Follow along with her Memory Mondays to watch her boldly tell stories that many are uncomfortable bringing to light, often centered around her experiences of fear and shame and being an Asian woman.

Molly Jacques is a hand letterer and type designer. I love that she is open about her mental health as well as the struggles that creative people often face. Follow along for beautifully-designed, inspiring quotes, her funky, bright style, and her honest thoughts and updates on life.

If you're a female entrepreneur of any kind, there's a good chance you've heard of Jenna Kutcher. She's a photographer, podcaster, marketer and speaker with a massive following, and for good reason. She speaks positivity and encouragement into the self-doubt that comes with being a creative entrepreneur and a woman.

Ruthie Lindsey is a speaker and podcaster that is all things joy and positivity. Having experienced chronic pain throughout most of her life, she has genuinely chosen joy as her outlook. Her love for others, herself, and telling stories is so inspiring!

On some of my hardest days, I'll scroll through Morgan Harper Nichols' feed for connection and encouragement. She creates free illustrated poems every day that speak to your SOUL. Her words are almost always those which make you say "how did she know that's exactly what I needed to hear today!?" Go follow her!

I hope you go and follow all 5 of these women so that, like me, you can be challenged and inspired by them! And be sure to comment below if you already follow any of them!

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