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3 Thanksgiving table ideas

3 Thanksgiving Table Ideas Using Eucalyptus

If you've been following me for a while, you may have picked up on the fact that I love Eucalyptus. It smells good, it's calming, it stays pretty for a long time, it's effortlessly trendy, and it's cheap! (I like to buy it for $4 at Trader Joe's).

So I thought I'd play around with it and give you 3 different Thanksgiving table ideas using Eucalyptus. Maybe you'll copy one of these exactly, or maybe you'll use it as a springboard for your own idea!


1. The minimalist

This Thanksgiving centerpiece is perfect for a small table, for the person on a budget, or the neutrals-enthusiast.

Here's what you'll need:

- 1 bunch of Eucalyptus

- 1 large candle

Separate the stems of the Eucalyptus. It may help to cut off some small pieces to stick in at the end.

Play around with a shape you like as you lay out the Eucalyptus, whether it's more round or more elongated. I chose to mix up the direction that the different stems were facing. Wrap stems around each other to hold together.

Stick your candle in the middle, then place the small, cut off pieces wherever is looking sparse. Then, enjoy your minimalist tablescape!


2. The romantic

This Thanksgiving arrangement is perfect for the person that loves whimsy, for Friendsgiving with the ladies, for the person who's just a fan of fresh flowers.

You'll need:

- 1 bunch of Eucalyptus

- 1 bouquet of fall-colored flowers (I chose $4 mums from, you guessed it, Trader Joe's)

- Assorted candles (you know where sells pillar candles like these? Trader Joe's. It's a one stop shop. I promise they're not paying me.)

As with the first centerpiece, separate the stems of Eucalyptus and cut off some small pieces to stick in at the end.

Lay out the Eucalyptus in a long line. Arrange your candles in a somewhat symmetric fashion.

All of this can be done a day or two before the big meal, but wait to finish this next step until Thanksgiving day.

On Thanksgiving day, cut the heads off of your flowers:

Place the flowers all around the candles and Eucalyptus, making sure to look from every angle. Once you've set all your flowers, you're done!


3. The enthusiast

This table decoration is perfect for a big table, the fruit fanatic, and the Thanksgiving enthusiast who goes all out.

What you'll need:

- 2 bunches of Eucalyptus

- 3+ large candles

- orange citrus fruit (I used mandarins)

- fresh cranberries

Like the previous tablescape, you'll need to cut small pieces from your Eucalyptus:

Lay out all of the Eucalyptus stems in a long line. Place your three candles within the Eucalyptus.

Arrange your fruit in whatever way you'd like. I bunched the cranberries around the candles, then dispersed the rest, along with the mandarins, throughout the Eucalyptus.

Finish off your design by placing the small stems you cut off in the most sparse spots. Tada! Thanksgiving may begin.

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