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The secret to great family photos

Family photos are some of my favorites to take. I love capturing the joy and love and dynamics that come with each family!

However, I know that between selecting outfits, scheduling around naps and snacks, and making yourself look your best as parent, photoshoots can be stressful and chaotic for the adults in charge.

So what is the special secret to capturing that perfect moment of bliss where everyone is smiling and the lighting is perfect and the posing looks natural? I've concluded, based on my experience and that of other photographers, that the thing that guarantees the best photos is when the parents relax. I'll tell you why:

1. As much as I try to set a fun, positive tone for our photoshoot, kids often feed off their parents' energy. If Mom is enjoying herself, her kid will better understand that this is a fun event rather than a strict, stressful necessity he's being forced into.

2. I can handle getting the chillins to look at me and be happy if the parents are already smiling and looking at the camera. As the photographer, it's my job to capture your kids at their best, but I can't tell you how many times I've gotten a great shot of the kids, only to realize the parents were mid-instructing or giving their child an unhappy look, or even just trying to make their kid laugh. If the parents are relaxed and looking where they're supposed to be, I can snag those couple quick moments when the kid is laughing or smiling.

I hope this helps you prepare for your next photoshoot! Take a look at some of my favorite, most natural-feeling family photos:


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