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Too good to be true

Too good to be true

Welcome to this week's Brightly Alex Mental Health Monday! I've been asked if it's hard to come up with ideas for this series and the answer is usually no: I guess I have endless feelings! I write about whatever has been recurring in my head throughout the past week. This week, that feeling has been "I feel too good to be true".

Experiencing very little anxiety for a whole week can be a scary feeling for me in this season. Of course, I'm happy to be feeling great, but there's been an underlying fear that it won't last. I'm often plagued with the waiting for anxiety to return. I can't help but feel like I'm living in a happy cloud - that this isn't reality and the goodness will go away.

If you've ever experienced the relief of a break from anxiety or depression, I'm guessing you can relate to this feeling. I've had it before and I'm guessing this won't be the last time!

But it's just not worth it to let this fear steal my joy and relief. So I have to continually remember and let others remind me of the truths I know: I am healing. Healing isn't linear, meaning the anxiety will probably come back, but that doesn't mean there's no progress. I am learning myself better and can fight off the anxiety when it starts to creep in. I am loved and do not need to accomplish anything or progress further to be loved.

So, though I can't get rid of this feeling completely, I will continue to hope and work toward another week of trusting myself and being okay with wherever I'm at.

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