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Putting fun into self-care

putting fun into self-care

Something I've realized over the past few months of struggling with anxiety is that one of the best things for me is to let myself have fun! Much of adulthood/life/working through mental illness is really UNfun. Life can easily be mundane, boring, painful, and sad, and I think it's really important to all of our mental health that we are intentional about having fun sometimes. So today's Brightly Alex Mental Health Monday is all about fun!

Last week, my bestie and I both had Friday off so we took ourselves on an adventure to the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago (if you're in the area and haven't been, do it this winter!! it's even free with free parking!) Afterwards, we did our other favorite things - coffee and wandering a new neighborhood, full of cute boutiques and cool murals.

Here are some photos to document our fun day. I hope they spark some ideas for you on how you can plan some fun into your life in the near future, maybe even starting today, with no guilt, knowing you are taking care of yourself!

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