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Celebrating the ups

celebrating the ups

We all know that life is full of ups and downs. As I've said before, healing is not linear. I've heard it described before as a helix shape. You're moving up and healing, but when you hit a certain spot, you may be triggered into what feels like backsliding. For example, I am healing from my anxiety day by day, but every few weeks, I'll be alone and something in my business goes differently than expected, then I unravel into a panicked state. Each time, the panic is lessening, but it still returns. And this is okay! I can't expect to suddenly have zero anxiety! It's a slow, long process.

But for today's BA Mental Health Monday, I want to talk about celebrating the ups (as in up and down. Not the United Parcel Service)! It's easy for me to dwell on my fears or shortcomings, but it's less often that I take time to address that I've actually had little anxiety for a few weeks in a row! What an exciting mark of progress!

What does celebrating your ups look like? Treating yourself to a nice dinner? Creating a piece of art to mark your progress? Journaling about it? Buying that thing you've been wanting? Calling your mom and telling her how good you're feeling? Setting up a fun photoshoot for yourself? Writing a letter to a friend who's moved away to just encourage her?

We're all different, so celebration can play out in many different ways. But the important part is - celebrate and don't ignore the good! Life can be harsh and unkind, but let's not overlook all the ways that growth and healing manifest themselves into our lives.

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